“Sanctuary Cities Are RACIST!” she shouted.

An unidentified black Cudahy, CA. resident took to the podium and ripped into the city council members for their “racist” policies that benefit illegal aliens while punishing Black American citizens.

“The black community” she shouted, “has been destroyed by illegal immigration!”

Pointing at the city council members, she pointed out how illegal aliens are given special treatment that American citizens aren’t entitled to: “When my people commit a crime we get three strikes” When ILLEGAL ALIENS commit crimes “they get amnesty & benefits—and they’re not paying taxes!”

The frustrated California citizen told the city council members, “Thank God for Trump!” and that they should all be “ashamed of themselves!”

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Before she walks away from the podium, the angry CA resident reveals to the City Council members that she works as a tax manager in four different states and that she knows that illegal aliens are gaming the tax system in America.


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Next up to the podium, was a Hispanic, Los Angeles resident, who was furious over how illegal aliens disrespect our laws. After he introduced himself, he told the Cudahy City Council members he’s a “hardcore American patriot and a hardcore PresidentTrump supporter.”

After explaining that he grew up in the Bario or the “hood,” he explained to the city council members that his mother came to America legally. After telling them, it was a shame that they take better care of illegal immigrants that American citizens, he told them, “My mother came here legally, she had dignity, she had ethics, she had morals, and she didn’t want to come and disrespect this country. But people come here, and they jump the border, and they break into my house. This is my house! Los Angeles is my house!” He told the city council members, “I voted for our President, Mr. Trump, and I stand right behind him. The Hispanic-American told the leftist members that they need to know, “We have a new President, we have a new administration, and they’re not playing around!”

“America First! America Primero!”




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