Wow! This is really epic! Paris Dennard nails Paul Begala on Begala’s trash talking of Trump. You won’t believe the response from David Gergen! How can Trump let someone down when they never believed in his policies to begin with?  We love Paris Dennard’s effort to call out the liberal pundits – this is not just good it’s great that he said what every American is thinking about CNN and MSNBC:


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More GREAT TAKEDOWNS from Paris Dennard:

THE EXCHANGE BETWEEN THESE TWO PUNDITS IS SO CLASSIC BECAUSE THE LIBERAL IS SUCH AN ELITIST…Charles Blow didn’t want to listen to the truth and had a major hissy fit when confronted with facts. It’s pretty epic…

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On CNN’s New Day Friday morning, Chris Cuomo interviewed two black guests from opposing parties about Donald Trump’s outreach to minorities. The anti-Trump guest, New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow grew visibly irritated with Cuomo and the pro-Trump guest, GOP commentator Paris Dennard, when Dennard said things Blow didn’t agree with. After a heated back and forth discussion, Blow finally exploded at Cuomo, saying CNN was committing “media malpractice” for letting Dennard come on the show.

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