This is really epic and just hysterical! It’s also the second time someone has trolled one of Hillary’s town halls. Remember Sticker Boy? He’s the guy who stole the show from Hillary during her speech in Iowa by eating stickers. This takes the cake though:

Several members of the audience at a New Hampshire campaign event for Hillary Clinton sported some creative t-shirts, and they made sure TV cameras could capture their t-shirts while Hillary spoke. At least two men wore ‘Settle For Hillary’ t-shirts that utilized the official logo and font of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Check out the guy in the baseball cap: “Settle for Hillary”


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Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising, a Republican PAC focused on conducting and distributing opposition research, posted a television screenshot of the t-shirts on Monday night. Bechdel screencapped ABC News footage of Hillary’s event and posted a picture on Twitter:


Via: The Federalist

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