MSNBC’s Rick Santelli is known for his outbursts of conservative truth on the otherwise lefty CNBC. His latest is a great one!

Santelli and lefty Andrew Sorkin got into a shouting match over whether a “big box” store is the same as a restaurant when it comes to the coronavirus. Santelli said he doesn’t believe there is a difference and favors letting people decide for themselves. Andrew Sorkin warned Santelli about having any opinion other than the accepted CNBC opinion. It was a delight to see pushback on the idiocy of the tyrannical regulations killing the restaurant industry while keeping big box stores open.

This is epic!

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Andrew Sorkin is a typical leftist who believes he’s never wrong. Groupthink rules over freedom of thought with these people. Should individuals and businesses stay open and have the public decide for themselves about dining out? We’d like to know what you think.

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