In a free speech rally at New Richmond in Wisconsin earlier today, many prominent speakers in the conservative movement gave tremendous speeches to a hungry crowd. But the highlight of the free speech rally was undoubtedly when President Trump gave a live virtual address bashing the Biden regime for its wanton dereliction at the southern border and consequently national security, the paramount priority of any official Commander-in-Chief.

President Trump mentioned how border crossings have increased “1400%” as of late and how the Biden regime scuttled the construction of a wall on the country’s porous southern border after “500 miles” had been constructed. President Trump also touched on the increase in crime seen in many European countries and in particular Germany and Sweden, saying that “they are doing very bad on crime” and that “these used to be the safest countries in Europe” prior to letting in scores of immigrants who then refused to assimilate into their host societies. He also said that America is “letting in people on a level that Sweden could ever imagine”.

He then went on to talk about how much gasoline prices have increased since he officially ended his term and that they were set to keep increasing as a result of the policies pursued by the Biden regime. On the subject of the Keystone Pipeline, President Trump claimed that the “real number” of jobs affected was “48,000”. President Trump went as far as to say that “we built it [the economy] back twice”

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On the subject of American economic resilience, President Trump said regarding his administration’s quick development of a vaccine that others claimed would take “four, five, six years” and that what America has done for the rest of the world “will be written about later on”.

President Trump also took the time to thank Mike Lindell, calling him a “true patriot”. He also went on to thank Rudy Gulliani for his selfless work, calling him “the greatest Mayor in the history of New York”. President Trump then graciously ended his speech by saying to the crowd “I love you all”. This year is set to see more such appearances by President Trump and even some in-person.

Mike Lindell is no stranger to cancel culture orchestrated by the Democrat Party and their allies in the media. He’s also no stranger to the abject hatred from the Left. Big box stores have canceled their orders with My Pillow over his commitment to exposing fraud. According to Mike, he will lose over $68 million in sales this year as a result of being canceled by stores like Kroger, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Costco. Yet, Mike Lindell continues to fight fearlessly for election. In addition to being financially harmed, he’s been mocked and ridiculed by the Democrat Party media and late-night bullies like Jimmy Kimmel, who are trying to discredit him, and paint him as some kind of nut-job because he believes our elections are not secure.

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