Senator Chuck Grassley was asked a question about the testimony from Attorney General Barr yesterday and just lit her up with an epic answer.

He walks away without saying anything. It’s classic!

“Here’s where we are. The Democrats and you folks in the media are not concerned about the report. I think you’re concerned about the results weren’t what you expected. And I think we’re finding out that everybody was sold a bunch of snake oil, and now the jig is up!” – Grassley

Grassley knows the jig is up!

Senator Grassley: What are you doing to investigate unauthorized media contacts about DOJ information?

AG Barr: “We have multiple criminal leak investigations underway.”

“Barr says below that he’s “reviewing activities over the summer of 2016”

Grassley knows what happened and that the media was in cahoots with the Democrats to try and destroy President Trump.

. discusses Grassley/Johnson letter to AG Barr asking him to look into Strzok/Page texts regarding recruiting WH insiders to spy on POTUS. Ben Rhodes said the Obama WH knew nothing.

According to Sara’s IC sources, no way Hussein would NOT have been briefed about this.

He’s been one of the Senators who has done the most work to get to the truth.

Bravo Senator Grassley!

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