President Trump on Thursday described America’s heritage and history as under assault from the left, decrying anti-racism teachings and “cancel culture” while announcing plans for a new commission to promote “patriotic education” in U.S. schools.

In a speech delivered at the National Archives Museum, Trump painted a dramatic and dark portrait of an effort by liberals to “indoctrinate” America’s children and represent American values, culture, and faith.

“Whether it is the mob on the street or the cancel culture in the boardroom, the goal all is the same — to silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth, and to bully Americans into abandonment of their values, their heritage, and their very way of life,” Trump said in the speech at the White House Conference on American History.

Trump announced plans to sign a new executive order establishing a national commission to promote “patriotic education” in American schools, which he said would be called the 1776 Commission, a nod to his criticism of the 1619 Project throughout the speech.

The commission will be tasked with celebrating the upcoming 250th anniversary of the country’s founding and with encouraging educators to “teach our children about the miracle of American history.”

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In his remarks, Trump took particular aim at “critical race theory,” a methodology that argues racism and racial inequality are a result of systemic power structures. Trump called it a “Marxist doctrine” and said teaching it to children amounts to “a form of child abuse in the truest sense of the word.”

President Trump and Vice President Pence delivered the remarks on Constitution Day, marking the 233th anniversary of the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. They spoke from a stage in front of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Two House Republicans also introduced legislation Thursday that would bar federal funds from flowing to schools with a curriculum featuring the New York Times’ anti-American 1619 Project indoctrinating K-12 students with fake history.

The bill, put forward by Colorado Rep. Ken Buck with Georgia Rep. Rick Allen, serves as companion legislation introduced in the Senate by Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton in July.

“The 1619 Project teaches children a historically inaccurate account of our nation’s history,” Buck said. “Federal funding should not go towards schools that teach flawed and inaccurate curriculum in classrooms. We should be able to acknowledge the stains on our nation’s history while still continuing to celebrate the good our country has done.”

Cotton reiterated his support for the proposal, calling the Times’ curriculum on revisionist history being taught in some 4,500 classrooms nationwide “left-wing garbage.”

“Not a single cent of federal funding should go to indoctrinate young Americans,” Cotton said.

The progressive project, spearheaded by the Times’ riot-cheering Nikole Hannah-Jones who won a Pulitzer on the opening essay which required a major correction to the piece, has since become a primary manifesto for the left’s critical race theory re-writing American history as the creation of an irredeemably racist empire built for the sole purpose of oppressing black and indigenous people.

“The 1619 Project’s goal is to indoctrinate the idea in our nation’s young people that America is an evil country – which is far from the truth,” Rep. Allen said. “Though our history is not perfect, we have overcome our challenges to create a land of opportunity for all. If we want to fight injustice and work toward a more perfect union, we must learn from our past and teach out students to do better – not teach false history.”

Watch a short documentary debunking the project here:


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