Hysterical! Trump told a gaggle of reporters this morning that the fake news story twitter has labeled “GoldenShower” never happened and here’s why:

The Sun reported: American news giant CNN opened the political can of worms by reporting that top US intelligence chiefs briefed trump on the explosive claims during a meeting on alleged Russian interference in the presidential election.

The full dossier of the British spy’s unverified claims details allegations of “perverted sexual acts” by prostitutes in a Russian hotel room containing Trump.

The report sensationally claims that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama slept in the same suite at the hotel and that Trump wanted to ‘defile’ the bed which they slept on because “he hated” them.

The hotel room, at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, was bugged by Soviet intelligence agencies, the report alleged.

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After the CNN report, Buzzfeed published the full document which had reportedly been offered to a variety of other news outlets who declined to publish the story because the claims could not be verified.

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