The Left tried to shame North Carolina Lt.Governor Mark Robinson into declining his invitation to speak at the annual NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, only days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, that left 19 students and 2 teachers dead. But instead of running away from the opportunity to educate hundreds of thousands about the critical role the NRA plays in defense of our 2nd Amendment, Robinson walked into the fire and came out victorious.

Robinson began his speech by telling the crowd he “wept” when he heard about the TX school shooting. After sympathizing with the pain of the parents and grandparents over the innocent lives that a dark soul stole on Tuesday, Robinson defended the Second Amendment while also condemning the evil act of the 18-yr-old shooter. He spoke about how it’s our responsibility and the responsibility of elected lawmakers to place the same emphasis on security in our schools that we place on airports and banks and especially on the buildings where our lawmakers meet.

“In this nation, you are not the second responder; you are the first responder,” Robinson told the crowd. “And you have an absolute duty and a right to stand up and protect your home from any enemy, foreign or domestic,” he reminded them.

He blasted his critics, especially those in the media who questioned his motives for attending the convention. “I am here today, much to the chagrin of many of the leftists back home in my state who thought I should cower and stay home and not come here and continue to defend that right for those law-abiding citizens back home in North Carolina and for the law-abiding citizens of this nation,” he explained.

NC Lt. Governor Robinson, an outspoken proponent of our Second Amendment, explained how quickly citizens become slaves to their government when they give up their right to bear arms.

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“You have defunded the police, and you have left our schools as ‘soft targets!'” Robinson said as he admonished the Left for not prioritizing the safety of our children in their schools and then using their deaths as a political tool to strip American citizens of the right to bear arms the moment a school shooting takes place. He also pointed out their hypocrisy for ignoring the hundreds of innocent children killed by guns in violent cities like Chicago but suddenly caring when a school shooting occurs.


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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and President Trump also spoke at the NRA convention and offered a similar message of support for our Second Amendment and reassessing the protections we have in place for students in schools across America.

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