Two of Jeffrey Epstein’s close advisors stand accused of hiding millions of dollars from the billionaire pedophile’s estate

Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious pedophile billionaire whose death (dubiously ruled a suicide) is shrouded in mystery, still has allies even in death.

The late billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein

Two of his closest advisors have been accused of hiding money from his multi-billion dollar estate in an investment fund, according to reports.

Daren Indyke, an Epstein attorney, and accountant Richard Kahn, have allegedly hidden nearly $13 million of Epstein’s fortune in a trust started by Epstein, according to court filings in the US Virgin Islands.

Nearly a year after Epstein’s death in August of 2019, the money was transferred to his Butterfly Trust which he set up in 2013.

From the New York Post:


The trust received a wire transfer of $13 million in April 2020 after the liquidation of another investment fund in which Epstein had a stake, according to the newspaper. Some of that money was transferred months later to three newly created companies, which list Indyke, Kahn and their spouses as the beneficiaries, court papers show.

Denise George, Attorney General for the US Virgin islands, demands for the Epstein estate to submit to discovery to see what other assets of the late billionaire’s may have been transferred to his executors, Indyke and Kahn.

“The government discovered that substantial funds kept secret from the government were transferred for the benefit of the coexecutors in an apparent effort to enrich themselves and shelter these assets from recovery,” the filing said.

Daniel Weiner, a lawyer for the estate, told the Times that the executors “categorically reject the baseless assertions of wrongdoing made against them” and said they never received the $13 million.

Epstein has become a figure who perfectly characterizes the corruption of many of the global elite, with countless politicians, businessmen, and other high-society individuals having ties to the pedophile and his criminal islands. His black book has still not been made public, nor is it likely ever to be, and his financial influence from beyond the grave remains a matter of question.

In the meantime, however, at least his advisors who siphon dirty money from the disturbing estate have stepped into the law’s cross hairs.

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