Eric Adams, the Democratic Mayor of New York, was allegedly caught in an embarrassing lie this week as it was revealed that he may have been dishonest about the origins of a photo he keeps in his wallet of a deceased police officer.

Adams has repeatedly told the story of deceased police officer Robert Venable, who he claims that he was friends with when he served on the NYPD as a Captain.

He claimed that he had kept a picture of the officer in his wallet for years repeatedly during speeches and when speaking to the media.

One staffer, speaking anonymously to the New York Times said that Adams was being dishonest about the origins of the picture, however.

After the Times asked to see the photo, a staffer claimed that they were asked to print it off using a picture from Google images and to spill coffee on it to make it appear aged.

The accusation has sparked a war of words between Adams and the New York Times as he has denied the claims.

Others are not buying it and have expressed outrage at the blatantly offensive lie.

The Post Millenial Reports

New York City Hall aides have claimed that Mayor Eric Adams carries around a photo of the late police officer Robert Venable that was created by employees using a printed Google image.

According to a New York Times report on Thursday, Adams has repeatedly told the story of his friend who was killed in the line of duty during media interviews and that he keeps his picture in his wallet. One person familiar with the request told the outlet that employees were instructed to create a photo of Officer Venable.

The person said employees printed a picture found on Google, printed it in black and white, and even spilled some coffee on it. Adams then showed the photo to the New York Times after they requested to see it. Two former City Hall aides told the outlet under conditions of anonymity that they were informed about the manipulated photo last year, shortly after it was created.

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