Yesterday, fake news New York Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker tweeted a link to a propaganda piece he wrote about President Trump. In his hit piece on Trump, Baker suggests President Trump is a liar. He also attempts to paint a picture of Trump as a weak negotiator while quoting an alleged statement from the head of the Afghanistan terror group, who talks about how the Americans walked away from the negotiating table.

One look at some of the comments made by Baker’s followers proves that his anti-Trump propaganda piece worked like a charm. Leftists who read the article designed to make the Taliban look like they want peace, but Trump is impeding their efforts, commented, “I believe the Taliban over Trump, all day long,” and “There is no doubt they the Taliban is more reliable than Trump.”

Kellyanne Conway’s unhinged, never-Trump husband, George Conway, however, took the cake with his response to Baker’s tweet. “Mr. Kellyanne Conway,” a name given to him by President Trump, responded to Peter Baker’s tweet, saying, “.@realDonaldTrump is an imbecilic, incompetent pathological liar, Exhibit X,XXX.

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Former Fox News host, and conservative personality, Eric Bolling, who is sick and tired of watching Kellyanne’s husband unfairly attack President Trump, responded to Conway by challenging him to a debate, while accusing him of hiding behind his keboard.

Bolling tweeted:

am SO DAMN TIRED of your blathering on and on about politics. Come on and debate me. Light me up big guy. Let’s see what you got, away from your keyboard or the safe confines of friendly cable nets. Up your game Georgie~

It’s doubtful that “Georgie” will debate Bolling. The man nobody ever heard of until his wife became one of Trump’s top advisors, is very good at sitting behind a keyboard and lobbing insults at his wife’s boss, but in real life, he’s mostly an invisible figure who makes little to no contribution to society or to the world of politics.

It would certainly be interesting to see George Conway have to back up his insults with facts, instead of the emotional arguments he and his never-Trump and liberal friends are used to relying on as evidence for their insults. What do you think? Will Conway take Bolling up on his offer, or will he remain hidden behind a keyboard lobbing insults at his successful wife’s boss?


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