Gimme a break! The bigger question in the conversation over words that people find “offensive” is the hijacking by pundits of something THEY consider to be racist, sexist or homophobic. You’ll see below that it’s how the PUNDIT FEELS about the word and then projects his feelings onto people like Coach Phil Jackson. We have one thing to say on this…it needs to stop!

The word POSSE has been around for much longer and means much more than what Shannon Sharpe thinks it means. Who hasn’t used the term to refer to a group of people from ANY race? Pushing preconceived notions i.e. feelings on all of us as fact is a very slippery slope.

Shannon Sharpe ripped into Coach Phil Jackson for using the term “posse” to refer to LeBron James and business partners. Does the term “posse” now have a racist connotation?  

Sharpe claimed Jackson had previously used the word “posse” with a negative connotation when he discussed James in his 2004 book. 

Sharpe then spoke about how James’ “posse” are all now successful businessmen, but, of course, he says, that doesn’t matter to Jackson.

Sharpe didn’t come out and call Jackson a racist, but he did say that referring to James’ friends and business associates as a posse would never happen if he were someone like Steve Kerr. Read more: colorlines


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