ESPN’s Elle Duncan went on a bizarre rant about how fathers with daughters must support abortion

ESPN anchor Elle Duncan went on a rant about the Roe v. Wade overturn on Friday in which she heavily implies that fathers cannot love or support their daughters unless they also support the right to abortion.

ESPN Anchor Elle Duncan

“I want the dads watching to ask themselves a really honest question right now, and I mean that. How does the sentiment of being a Girl Dad evolve beyond superficial social media posts into actual advocacy groups? Are you carrying that same pride for your daughters into board rooms? Locker rooms? Courtrooms? Are you doing everything in your power to protect their rights? Do you trust them to make difficult decisions for themselves and their bodies? Should they be given full agency over their own lives? Can you confidently state to the women in your lives that you’ve used your power and privilege as men for their betterment, that you’ve done all you can to ensure that, at the very least, they’d have the same rights afforded to decades of women before them?”

She ends her soapbox speech by saying, “I don’t know if anything that I am doing will help, but I’m trying. And I suppose that all I’m asking to all you well-meaning, proud girl dads out there is: are you?”

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The term “girl dad” references a statement by the late Kobe Bryant on his fatherhood of four daughters and refers to the type of father who is proud of their daughters and a large part of their lives. For Duncan to so heavily imply that by not supporting abortion, one cannot be proud of their daughters or a large part of their lives is unhinged, to say the least.

Additionally, she invokes the concept of men’s “power and privilege,” leaving one open to wonder how and why the burden for “supporting women” should fall squarely on men in a century where women are more than capable of voting, of being on the Supreme Court, of running for any office, they see fit.

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But what is perhaps most disturbing about her tirade is that she seems to so genuinely believe that she is martyring herself for the sake of abortion by being willing to “give up hr mansions” in an attack on pro-life fathers everywhere. If these fathers were as pro-choice as she is, they would not even be fathers in most cases.

Ultimately, her entire rant can be seen as nothing more than a disturbing attempt to guilt fathers into betraying their values–the same values they, in many cases, try to instill in their daughters–for the sake of a terrible cause. For her and many other leftist ideologues, not wanting your daughters to have abortions means you are not a truly loving and proud father.

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