Jemele Hill’s low ratings and political controversies surrounding President Trump are most likely what has lead to her departure from ESPN. The host became well known after she made headlines for calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” and his supporters the same thing. She doubled-down on the white supremacy thing and then she somewhat crept into a lower-profile state of being as people didn’t hear as much from her as they might have expected.

This might be considered one of her most well-known Tweets as she found herself the center of attention. Many people who reported on this used a screenshot in the event that Hill would delete the message. This surely might appear to be considered racist by many people based on it assuming that anyone who voted for Donald Trump, or supports him now, is a white supremacist. That’s very odd because how can someone who is of non-white origin be a white supremacist if they’re not even white, but they still voted for Trump? Her comment doesn’t seem to have gone as planned, however that might be, and now she might be heading to another job or be unemployed for a while.

It appears that her constant attacks on politics were not exactly what fans nor ESPN may have wanted. She was suspended in the past for what she said about the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, and his stance on the “take a knee” movement. She called for a boycott of his advertisers. That didn’t sit well with ESPN and they suspended her.

Now Hill and ESPN are parting ways entirely. Was it worth it to assume that all Trump’s supporters are racist white supremacists when it’s not true? Her career could have gone up instead of down. Hopefully, she realizes this divisive and racist mistake was not worth it to possibly cost her career. Where will she work next?  Maybe CNN?

Deadline reported: “Controversial sportscaster Jemele Hill is out at ESPN, months after her departure as a co-anchor from the network’s SportsCenter.

News surfaced late last night that Hill has been bought out of the remainder of her contract and will reportedly depart by Friday. She is the second prominent female at ESPN to move in the last few days. Earlier this week, Michelle Beadle was removed from the faltering Get Up! morning show and will focus on National Basketball Assn. coverage.

Hill has been fairly low-profile at ESPN since departing earlier this year as co-anchor of the 6 PM hour of ESPN’s SportsCenter. She was listed on the staff of ESPN vertical The Undefeated as chief correspondent and senior columnist.

She was suspended and warned about tying her social media to politics, as the network is trying to move away from perceptions that it focuses too much on social issues and not enough on the nuts-and-bolts of sports.

In September 2017, Hill became the target of a tweet from President Donald Trump in which he demanded ESPN “apologize for untruth” after Hill tweeted that Trump is a “white supremacist.”

The White House blasted her tweet as a “fireable offense.” ESPN released a statement saying Hill’s tweets did not represent the position of the network. Hill later acknowledged that “Twitter wasn’t the place to vent my frustrations.”

She’s expected to be fully out of ESPN by this Friday. She has not been fired, but it appears as though they have reached a buyout of her contract and the two entities are leaving each other peacefully. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Had she remained focused on sports and non-political things that didn’t divide people, then perhaps she’d be doing very well. Sports is entertainment and people don’t want their entertainment mixed with politics. It’s not a very healthy concoction and networks don’t like low ratings. Isn’t that right, ESPN?

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