ESPN’s Jemele Hill might think she’s a political pundit AND a sports anchor on ESPN but she’s not. Americans are sick to death of ESPN turning everything into a political debate. Americans want to watch sports and are turning off ESPN in droves because of people like Hill. She’s not getting the message. If ESPN wants to keep an audience, they might want to clue her in…

This video is from The Root…They commented that Hill is using her “platform”…Platform? She’s a ESPN sportscaster NOT a political pundit!


ESPN host Jemele Hill called President Trump and Kid Rock ‘white supremacists’. It didn’t end there…she said in one of several tweets that Trump is ‘unfit’ to be president. The screenshot below gives you an idea of how Hill represents ESPN on twitter. It’s disgusting!

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What did ESPN do? You guessed it…NOTHING! They tweeted out a mild apology and that’s it!

This is after Mike Ditka was fired for supporting President Trump and criticizing Obama.  Kurt Schilling was also fired after posting a picture on social media against transgender bathrooms.

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Why hasn’t this woman been fired by ESPN?

Please contact ESPN to let them know how you feel about this outrage: ESPN

Tucker Carlson spoke with the awesome Clay Travis last night. Travis shed some light on why Hill is still employed by ESPN:

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