Thank you Stephen A. Smith! He speaks truth to some college students who I hope will take his words to heart. He claims that racism doesn’t exist for the black community in that there are laws to protect them. He’s basically saying that these kids have a choice. They can live as victims of something that happened so long ago or they can move forward and make a great life without the chains of victimhood.

ESPN commentator and SiriusXM radio host Stephen A. Smith stressed that “racism doesn’t exist” anymore and “white folks got problems, too,” during a speech honoring Black History Month at the University of South Alabama.

Mr. Smith, who is black, gave a lecture titled, “The Legacy, History and Impact of the African-American Athlete,” at the public Mobile campus on Monday, a local CBS News affiliate reported.

“Racism doesn’t exist. Obviously, I’m lying. Of course it exists, but not for you,” he reportedly told students. “See, you don’t have to go to the back of the bus. You’re not denied the opportunity to eat at restaurants, or to enter night clubs, or to patronize businesses. You have the right to vote. You’re not being lynched. You’re not being hung.”

Mr. Smith went on to acknowledge that older black students may have experienced racism.


“You’re older, you know I’m not talking about you. But youngsters, you need to understand that white folks got problems, too. Some of them can’t pay their bills,” he said, CBS reported. “Some of them are struggling. Some of them are being denied opportunities. And you need to understand that, because when people are going through their own problems, they are not going to lament what your trials and tribulations are.”

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