According to an analysis of a 117-page document by the German website Transparenztest (Tt), the German government has funded projects by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the tune of 3.8 billion euros ($4.19 billion).

“The reply by the federal government to the information request by MPs from the parliamentary group DIE LINKE showed that German taxpayer funds are used to finance multiple projects and programs by international foundations such as the pro-abortion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust,” LifeSiteNews reports.

Thus, German taxpayer funds are diverted directly into the pockets of the global elites.

Tt states “the federal government is contributing a total of EUR 3.8 billion for 31 projects in which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF was or is involved.”

“The projects refer to the period 2017-2030, most of them take place in the pandemic period 2020-2023. A few long-term projects started earlier and are ongoing to this day,” Tt adds.

From Tt:

Further data on the funding of the BMGF funding from federal funds:

  • EUR 3.35 billion of this is non-project-related funding
  • 31 projects and programs are with BMGF participation
  • Of these alone 24 are only with the BMGF
  • Apparently, no representative of the federal government sits on a committee, foundation council or board of trustees of the grant recipients, as is usual in other German cooperation projects
  • Only 3 out of 31 projects/programs were evaluated

“In its reply, the federal government justified its financial support of the Gates Foundation and other multi-billion dollar private foundations by citing its commitment to the globalist U.N. Agenda 2030,” LifeSiteNews stated.

“The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development explicitly emphasizes that the active involvement of private actors is indispensable for achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (cf. SDG 17, among others),” the German government response reportedly read.

The German government takes no issue using taxpayer money to fund globalist initiatives and works conjunctively with private foundations to push wicked agendas on the general population.

LifeSiteNews described what type of wicked agendas the German government is subsidizing with money extorted from the people:

Among the numerous programs the German government funds, many are pushing abortion, destructive “net zero” and climate change policies, population control in Africa, or advancing the medical security state.

For instance, the German federal government gave 20.6 million euros to a Gates Foundation project called “Investment in Health Data Systems and Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Malawi,” which aims at “strengthening the health system with a focus on reproductive health.”

As is commonly known, whenever globalist organizations speak of “reproductive health,” this always includes legal access to abortion and contraception.

The German government further finances projects to “educate” children and teenagers in Malawi and Uganda about “reproductive health,” i.e., abortion and contraception, presumably to prevent people in Africa from having “too many” children and to fight the alleged “overpopulation” of the world.


Moreover, the reply to the parliamentary request reveals that the German state funded Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which was founded by the WHO, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, and The World Bank, with an amount of 600 million euros. The government also financed the “Pandemic Fund,” which aims to prepare for future pandemics, to the tune of 119 million euros.

“Obviously, the world’s largest foundation BMGF not only invests enormous sums (2021 3.2 billion USD) in external organizations, but also receives enormous tax-financed funds for global projects and for non-project-related programs from nation states like Germany,” Tt noted.

Tt stated in its analysis:

In 2021 alone, for example, the BMGF invested 3.2 billion US dollars in donations to external research, education or media institutions.

The BMGF is also the largest private and second-largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is far less well known – or hardly known at all – that the BMGF apparently also receives extensive tax-financed third-party funds for projects in Germany. And this has been the case for years. A large part of the funding, exactly EUR 3,365 billion, goes to BMGF programs in which the funding is not project-related but organization-related.

The sums are spread over a total of 31 projects and programs. In 24 projects, only the BMGF is named as the recipient of the grant in the annex. The total amount of funding is so high and mostly not linked to projects that the BMGF can probably continue to build up its foundation assets with this money. The 3.8 billion funding volume is only for Germany. It is likely that there will also be funding for projects in other countries, which in turn will benefit the foundation’s assets.

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