Alright, folks, here’s the latest from the media trenches.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper confessed on Thursday that he would “absolutely” have doubts about Michael Cohen’s testimony if he were on the jury.

He admits it sounds like Cohen is making it up as he’s going along.

Now what will the normies think?

Their very own CNN is pointing out the obvious to them.

Will they find a way to blame this on Trump?

What ever they think, Cooper did a great job highlighting this significant moment of the trial, when Trump’s lawyer caught Cohen in a lie.

Weekend forecast: liberals trying to cope with this.

Fox News reports:

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper admitted on Thursday that he would “absolutely” have doubts about former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony if he were a member of the jury.

Cooper made the comments while speaking to CNN legal analyst Elie Honig about a notable moment during Cohen’s cross-examination the anchor described as Trump’s lawyer catching Cohen in a lie.

“Absolutely. I think it’s devastating for Michael Cohen’s credibility on this one particular topic,” Cooper told Honig when asked if he thought Cohen’s testimony about his attempted phone call to Trump was not trustworthy.

Cooper’s admission came as both pundits discussed Trump attorney Todd Blanche’s questioning of Cohen, who alleges that he paid adult film star Stormy Daniels on direct orders from then-2016 presidential candidate to conceal an affair Trump and Daniels had.

During testimony with prosecutors on Tuesday, Cohen stated that he had called Trump’s former bodyguard Keith Schiller on Oct. 24, 2016 to get in touch with Trump about the payment to Daniels.

However, as Trump’s legal team questioned Cohen on Thursday, Blanche pulled out records of text messages that Cohen sent to Schiller shortly before phone call. The text messages revealed Cohen asked to talk to Schiller about a 14-year-old prankster that was harassing him.

“Part of it was the 14-year-old … but I know Keith was with Mr. Trump,” Cohen testified.

“If I was a juror in this case watching that I would think, this guy’s making this up as he’s going along, or he’s making this particular story up,” the CNN host added.

As Noah stated, it’s incredible to see Anderson Cooper explaining that Bragg’s ‘Star Witness’ who was going to “get Trump” LIED:

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