***Language warning***  Amiri King, comedian and ex-con has a common sense message for the “F*ck the police” crowd that’s going viral and they’re not going to like it…

Who is Amiri King? From his Facebook page:

Let me tell you something about myself…

I was born Tony Donovan Schork, in 1979, to a dysfunctional family. Bless them all…

…and momma tried.

I was in a bad situation at the age of 11 and decided to run away from home.


Lived on the streets at age 11, I would eat by going to gas stations at night and asking the clerks “If i sweep your parking lot can I have the leftover donuts and hot dogs?”

I did that for awhile…then slowly started into criminal activity, I started robbing stores, and got busted at 16.

I was facing 20 years for armed robbery and had a $150,000 full cash bond. was probated at 18 and released to the streets where I was homeless. I lived at Wayside Christian Mission and 1020 West Market Street in downtown Louisville.

Got sent back to prison within 3 months.

I spent time at the roughest prisons in Kentucky.

I seen people get their faces cut open, hit in the head with free weights, and one person get their throat slit.

Got out at 21 only to be homeless again. I used to walk past fancy stores on fourth street in Louisville. I would admire the suits in the windows and the fancy watches.


I got hired as a bell boy at the Gault House Hotel in downtown Louisville.

This business man (he was black) pulled up in a spanking BRAND NEW Mercedes Benz.

I quickly grabbed his luggage and put it on a bell cart. He checked in and I followed him to his room.

I organized his luggage promptly…

He reached in his pocket for a tip, but I stopped him with, “Let me ask you a question. You can keep the tip but I want an answer.”

His hand flinched with the money in his pocket like he wanted to give me a tip and get me out of his hair…but he paused…and shoved his hand back in his pocket and said, “Shoot.”

I asked, “What do I have to do to drive a pretty Mercedes like that.”

I knew that if I paid close attention, that it would be the equivelant of him simply handing me the keys.

He smiled and looked me right in the eyes and said, “Don’t ever wait for your boat to come in, because it’s never coming.”

I was listening intently as he followed with, “You better swim on out there and get it.”

It was just what I needed to hear.


I worked hard.

I decided one night that I wanted to make movies.

I asked my mother if she would buy me a computer. I told her what my intentions were, and she believed I could do it.

This was 2002.

I started making media compilations and selling them at my work where I changed oil for a living.

People would pull in and I would market my shit before I went in the pit and changed their oil.

I made about $500 in less than a year.


I eventually was inspired by Jackass and started making short clips by 2004.

YouTube came out in 2006. I started my first YouTube Channel in September of 2007.

I am on my third YouTube channel as of now.

I have made over 300 videos, films, clips, skits, songs, and documentaries before I finally went viral.

I almost gave up. I thought maybe I wasn’t funny enough.

I struggled still. I had to resort to Toys For Tots 3 years ago just so my daughters could have a decent Christmas.

I finally went viral and found my stride.

All my hard work paid off.

Sometimes people say, “man it must be nice to just make videos all day and get paid.”

Like it landed in my f*cking lap or something…

I use to admire suits in windows on fourth street when I was homeless. Now I own about 12 suits…none of them cost under $800.

I used to read the LEO magazine on park benches while I waited on the Trolley because it was free…and warm.


Now I’m the LEO’s top rated local comedian.

I used to eat at Applebee’s once a year because it was a very special occasion…

I also used to eat at the Wayside Christian Mission…


I’ll eat whatever the f*ck I want.

White privilege….


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