While speaking virtually at the Netroots Nation conference today, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren says she has “a big list” of liberal policies waiting to take advantage of a Joe Biden presidency.

The animated and excited politician feels she’ll be a part of a Biden administration because she has the “list” ready to go. This is frightening because Warren is far left when it comes to policies. Listen to her talk about her list for the EPA, Treasury Dept., and immigration:

TRANSCRIPT: “That we are doing through executive order what we can do around immigration to protect people who are here but also that finally, we can demand that our congress make the real changes statutorily that we need to make. We need to get everybody on a path to citizenship. These are changes we need to make.

Here’s the good news though…it’s a big list…it’s a big list, and it’s a list about the things the president will be able to do by himself and with help from Kamala and all of his administration. It’s a list of the things Congress needs to do. It’s also a list of the things the agencies themselves need to do.

I’ve got a list for the Department of Education. Oh, and a list for the Treasury Department and a list for the EPA. We got a lot of people who want to do that work. Yeah, so I think of this as you ask me what are we going to start doing uh on January 21st and my answer is it’s actually all the pieces we start putting in place at the latest starting on November 4th the day after the win that people are lined up, and they are ready to go.”

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