It’s the latest terror strategy…run over people with a van and murder as many as possible. It just happened in Barcelona but Americans were too busy worrying about statues to see the importance of what’s becoming the “new normal”.

The “experts” are saying it’s the new normal…Get used to it.


Instead of pointing to and dealing severely with the elephant in the room, we’re expected to live in fear and just deal with it? Our leaders are weaklings who are afraid to call a spade a spade…If we continue to go down the path of NO RESISTANCE then we’re all doomed…A civilized society should never be expected to accept such horror. Why are we bending over backwards for the Muslim community that NEVER speaks up against this!

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Terrorist attacks using vehicles such as in Barcelona are ‘becoming a new reality for Europeans’ according to experts.
Nathalie Goulet, a French senator said: ‘Someone who gets in their car and crashes into a crowd, unfortunately we need to learn to live with that and every citizen must remain vigilant.’
The latest attacks in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils on Thursday has left at least 14 dead and 100 injured.

Goulet, the French senator, sits on a parliamentary panel tasked with analysing jihadist groups.

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She says that one of IS’s goals is turning the western world against Muslim minorities in their countries and using anti-Muslim rhetoric is playing into their hands.

Goulet suggests: ‘You need to look at the reality. Telling people that banning Muslims…or closing mosques will resolve the problem is lying.’
Paris, Berlin, Nice, London and Stockholm have already seen extremists drive vehicles into crowds.
Experts say that these such attacks are now a new reality for Europeans.

Both IS and Al-Qaeda have urged their followers to use whatever means at their disposal, including vehicles, as part of a strategy of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ aimed at destroying the west.

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