Word salad from Joe Biden is easy to come by, but some moments stand out because they are especially bizarre. The video below is frightening for anyone who wants a competent leader representing America.

This jumble of thoughts happened to be delivered during the climate summit, with 40 world leaders listening in on the jumbled words from a bloviating politician. The mainstream media won’t show these clips because their job is to continue the charade that Biden is a competent elder statesman when he’s just a rambling old politician who needs to give up the grift.

One Twitter user commented about the odd moments from Biden by saying she would pay someone if they explained what Biden was saying. That’s how bad it is…

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The two videos after the first are below. The first video is one we have reported on previously. Biden suddenly rants at a member of the group on the call, saying, “Let my wife come home!.” This moment was Biden doing a terrible job of pandering to the Navajo Nation where Jill Biden was making an appearance. It’s a cringeworthy moment.

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Note that Biden and Kerry give each other props in an embarrassing back and forth.

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