Devin Nunes just busted out with a major collusion message and Hillary Clinton might be freaking out over what he just said. Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, has just stated that Hillary’s campaign was working with many top officials in the FBI and Department of Justice.

This was revealed during an interview with Fox News when they were talking about Christopher Steele and any alleged ties to Bruce Ohr. Steele worked on the Trump dossier. Ohr is a DOJ official who supposedly gave the FBI information from an ex-British spy. The dossier involves information that claims Russians had info on Trump to use as leverage. Nothing really came out of it yet because it seems like most of the information, particularly anything that might have been damaging, has mostly been unproven. Simple accusations/allegations didn’t work this time, so there’s been a huge fiasco all this time trying to prove something that most likely doesn’t even exist.

Here’s the part that involves Hillary’s campaign, with all information in quotes coming from the Washington Examiner: They “retained Fusion GPS’ anti-Trump research through October 2016 after it was initially funded, then dropped by the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative publication.

Nunes, R-Calif., blamed the media for largely ignoring the revelations surrounding the origins of the federal investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and stressing that the American people “need to know it” called for the declassification of “an unprecedented amount of information.”

Ohr, who was the fourth-highest ranking official in the Justice Department, will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Aug. 28 “to answer why he had 60+ contacts with dossier author, Chris Steele, as far back as January 2016,” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., announced on Twitter late Friday.

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Trump himself has condemned the media for not covering Ohr more, using it as yet another avenue to label special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation a “witch hunt.”

It gets better. The Witch Hunt keeps going and still, nothing has been found except information on other people which they probably didn’t want exposed in the first place.

“The big story that the Fake News Media refuses to report is lowlife Christopher Steele’s many meetings with Deputy A.G. Bruce Ohr and his beautiful wife, Nelly. It was Fusion GPS that hired Steele to write the phony & discredited Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary & the DNC,” he tweeted last week. “Do you believe Nelly worked for Fusion and her husband STILL WORKS FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF ‘JUSTICE.’ I have never seen anything so Rigged in my life. Our A.G. is scared stiff and Missing in Action. It is all starting to be revealed – not pretty. IG Report soon? Witch Hunt!”

Trump is warning people that he will get into it if he has to, but it sounds like he thinks the matters will resolve on their own. Eventually, the people pursuing the Russian collusion nonsense will come up with a bunch of nothing-burgers and expose Hillary’s campaign instead. When the fake truth isn’t out there, then the real truth will be the only thing they find.

Trump wants text messages from Andrew McCabe exposed to see if there’s anything relevant within those confines, especially since his wife reportedly accepted thousands in donations.

“Trump also warned on Saturday that he “may have to get involved” if the FBI doesn’t provide conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch and others with text messages of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, whom he has accused of harboring a bias against him. McCabe’s wife, Jill, accepted thousands of dollars in donations for a Virginia state Senate election in 2015 from a political action committee headed by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is close to the Clinton family and chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. McCabe assisted overseeing the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails after Jill McCabe’s bid for the state Senate ended in failure. The FBI, led by then-Director James Comey, did not recommend that Clinton face criminal charges for how she managed classified information. Among other FBI officials Trump has criticized are Comey, whom he fired last year, and FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who exchanged anti-Trump text messages.”

Nunes wants Ohr’s wife to testify as well. She worked for Fusion GPS and she might know a thing or two about what was going on in that attempt to take down Trump with some generic dossier that so far has been one big distraction that came up rather empty.

“She also was working for Fusion GPS, working for the Clinton campaign,” he said. “So here you have information flowing from the Clinton campaign from the Russians, likely I believe was handed directly from Russian propaganda arms to the Clinton campaign, fed into the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open up a counter intelligence investigation into a political campaign that has now colluded [with] nearly every top official at the DOJ and FBI over the course of the last couple years. Absolutely amazing.”

Nunes wouldn’t say one way or the other if he expects anyone to be prosecuted, but he wants the FISA released in an unredacted format.

He stated that he accountability can be found with full transparency. He also wants documents released to give more information, provided they’re not posing any threat to national security.

Nunes wants it all out in the open so people can see what’s really going on and point fingers in the right direction. Hillary may not like that very much.

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