Loudoun County, Virginia Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler has been caught in another lie about what he knows and has reported about the rape of a student by a 15-year-old ‘boy in a skirt’ who went on to assault again.

At a June school board meeting, Ziegler denied having ‘any record’ of a student sexual assault that happened last May.

The problem is Ziegler lied. A new email has exposed Ziegler for lying about the fact that he reported the assault to the school board the day it happened.

Unsurprisingly, Loudoun’s parents want Ziegler to resign. One board member has already resigned during the contentious school board meetings covering Critical Race Theory and mask mandates. The topic of transgender bathrooms focused national attention on the fact that a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped in the bathroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia by a skirt-wearing boy, 15, on May 28.

The boy was involved in a second sexual assault at Broad Run High School on October 6 of this year. His identity is being protected because he is a minor. He was arrested and charged with forcible sodomy and sexual battery.


He is currently at the Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center.


Loudoun County Attorney Buta Biberaj (pictured below) has a track record of pushing for less incarceration of criminals. Still, when it comes to one dad, she wanted him jailed for his outbursts at a school board meeting. Scot Smith’s daughter was raped at a Loudoun County school by a gender fluid student wearing a skirt last May 28th. His daughter is only 14-years-old and was raped, sodomized, and forced to perform fellatio in the girl’s bathroom by the ‘gender fluid’ student. Fast forward to a school board meeting about transgender bathroom policies this June 22nd.

Any dad would be out of his mind over this, but Scott Smith, a 48-year-old plumber from Virginia, kept his cool. He was arrested on June 22 at the school board meeting about transgender policies. Smith got into a heated discussion with an activist who turned on Smith’s wife. Smith says he was stunned when he was dragged out of the room before he could say his daughter was sexually assaulted on May 28 by a boy in the girls’ bathroom.

Despite being pro-criminal justice reform, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj pushed to have Smith jailed for the outburst.

She also sent the alleged attacker to another school in the district, where he allegedly molested another girl. It’s hard to believe, but the prosecutor tried to defend her actions.


The horrific story of a Loudoun County female student continues. Her family is suing Loudoun County after an alleged cover-up of the sexual assault of their daughter last May. The Stone Bridge High School student was sexually assaulted in the girls’ restroom on May 28 by a boy claiming to be “gender fluid.” News that the boy assaulted another student at a different school in October highlighted the case and put pressure on Loudoun County to clean. The attempted cover-up has angered parents and called attention to the controversial transgender policy the school favors.

The Smiths also repeated their accusation against the schools and school board:
The facts are that a male student claiming to be “gender fluid” was permitted to enter the girls’ bathroom on May 28 and sexually assaulted our daughter. Making matters worse, the school system repeatedly failed to protect our daughter. Then, they concealed the sexual assault from the public while considering formalizing a bathroom access policy that would have – and now has – increased the likelihood of sexual assaults like these. as a result, our daughter and our family has suffered and continue to suffer, from the very real consequences of a policy that endangers the safety of every student.

Scott Smith tells the heartbreaking story to Laura Ingraham in the video below:

The Smith family has retained The Stanley Law Group of Virginia, which will also represent Mr. Smith against “wrongful and unconstitutional” charges filed against him in Circuit Court.

The Standley Law Group released a statement about the civil action against Loudoun County Public Schools:

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