Navy sailor and Democrat nominee running for Washington State House of Representatives Clyde Shavers has been accused of lying about his experience. Shaver’s claimed that he held a position as a nuclear submarine officer.

However, the DailyMail obtained Shaver’s Naval Records that show that in 2013 he completed Navy Nuclear Power School in South Carolina and a Nuclear Power Training Unit in New York in 2014, which qualified him as an Engineering Officer of the Watch, but to become a Submarine Officer, Shaver’s needed to complete an additional 12-week Submarine Officer Basic Course in Groton, Connecticut.

Clyde’s naval records do not indicate that he ever spent any time in Connecticut and, therefore, could not have completed the Submarine Officer course.

Sadly Shaver’s father brought his son’s fraudulent claims to light by reaching out in a letter to his son’s opponent Greg Gilday.

Regarding his son’s lies, former marine Brett Shavers wrote,


‘I obviously credit his service, but not the abuse of it. This is the most difficult letter I have ever had the misfortune to write because it is about my son, my wife’s son, and my daughter’s brother. We have nothing if we have no integrity. We have nothing if we have no honor.”


‘Clyde was never a submarine officer, not even for a day,’ Brett’s letter told Gilday. ‘Prior to Clyde’s announcement to run for office, he had asked me how to explain his failure of the submarine officer pipeline training. I stressed to Clyde that he must be truthful and simply state that he went through the many weeks of training. Yet, as seen in campaign materials, Clyde chose instead to claim that he was a submarine officer.’

Brett’s letter to Gilday revealed that Clyde had lied about numerous details, from his father’s retirement to his mom’s coming to the United States from Japan. He said he wished he had not been drawn into the middle of his son’s untruthful campaign but that he and his wife needed to “correct the record factually and personally as a matter of integrity.”

(Brett is pictured below to the left of Clyde, who is in the center.)

Brett went on, ‘Clyde has only disdain for the military,’ ‘I have seen Clyde’s use of veteran status used heavily as a seal of endorsement of honor and integrity, even as he or his campaign continually use the phrase “son of a Marine” for his credibility…We only have the truth to guide us. As Clyde’s parents, it is our duty to impress the importance of these values upon him, even at our personal risk of being attacked, defamed, or discredited. Our love for our children does not wane, but our values will not be compromised either.’


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