Citizens in Communist China must obey all commands made by their government, or their QR code score will be affected, which could throw their lives and possibly the lives of family members into chaos.

It’s been three years since China gave the world the Wuhan Virus, and its citizens are still being locked down and forced to wear face masks.

With the exception of China, citizens from around the world fought back against lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates by authoritarian leaders like France’s Emmanuel Macron, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, and Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison. In America, overreaching Democrat governors like MI Gov Gretchen Whitmer, CA Gov Gavin Newsom, and the now-resigned NY Gov Anthony Cuomo, who was replaced by his iron-fisted Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul. Most people have no clue how citizens stopped many countries from coming dangerously close to permanently adopting the same overreaching policies as Communist China.

Michigan’s Operation Gridlock was the first-ever COVID lockdown protest and was organized by the grassroots MCC (MI Conservative Coalition) group. The protest attracted over 15,000 vehicles to the state’s capital city of Lansing.

Although she will likely never be held accountable, MI Dem Governor Gretchen Whitmer was responsible for an untold number of deaths of multiple nursing home and long-term care residents and tens of thousands of businesses over her iron-fisted and reckless handling of the COVID pandemic.

Citizens in Communist China have found out the hard way what happens to citizens who dare to protest their government.

A drone video captured dozens, or possibly even hundreds of Chinese citizens lined up to get their daily COVID tests in the bitter cold amidst a snowstorm. Some individuals waiting in the long lines have small children, and some are elderly. All must wait in line with masks over their faces to receive their daily Wuhan Virus tests, which will allow their QR codes to remain “green,” suggesting they are good and obedient citizens.


China’s national Health QR code, which is downloaded onto every citizen’s cell phone, is a system used by the communist government to track the movement of citizens, especially those diagnosed with COVID. If citizens do not have the bandwidth to make the QR code work at all times, they must carry a paper QR code on their person. In addition to tracking citizens’ every movement, the QR code helps the government to ensure COVID-positive citizens remain in quarantine.


The refusal to agree to accept the terms of China’s QR “Health” code could mean a denial of banking or communication services in the communist country.

Lex Atlas: Covid-19  reports -on the details of China’s QR code program:

– Personal data: name, gender, nationality, ID type and number, area of household registration, home address, contact phone number, basic health history, and other information;

– Personal health information: body temperature, current symptoms, information relating to living and staying in high-risk areas, contact with people from high-risk areas, time of health declaration, and other information;

– Travel history: local position for places where the person has recently lived and stayed for a certain period of time, including present location and travel information, and other information;

– Health certification information: assessment result of current health by health information management authorities, including health risk grade assessment, assessment time and reasons for the assessment, medical test results, details of health testing institutions, testing time and sources of data, and other information.

The problem with such ‘uniform standards’ is that it is a set of open-ended demands for information and data with no restrictions on collecting or incorporating further information or data.

Further efforts were made in December 2020 through the Notice on Service Action Plan to Further Promote ‘Internet + Medical Health’ and the ‘Five First’ Services, which was jointly issued by several State Council authorities. The Notice is to ensure that a uniform version of the code would be followed by all local governments that would also be accepted nationwide under the policy of ‘uniform policy, uniform standards, mutual recognition and one code for all travel purposes.’ Importantly, this Notice specifically calls for the incorporation of information and data stored in other electronic cards and apps, including financial payment cards. A truly national health QR code system, storing a huge amount of personal information and data, thus began to emerge in China.

In practice, the health QR code in use is linked to information and data held by other systems, including data held by civil aviation, railroad, highway, electronic toll collection, local bus systems, telecommunication operators, and payment data held by banks and other financial institutions. Others have reported the collection of such information as income, height, blood type, etc. Most recently, as part of China’s effort to push for a vaccine passport system as a means to open borders, information about a nucleic acid test, vaccination, and traveling history to high and medium-risk areas are to be automatically incorporated into the QR code.

Although participation is not made compulsory for all residents (for instance, the elderly are specifically mentioned as a group of people who might need to retain the old paper-based system), the reality is more complicated. First, the refusal of information collection by linked systems would likely lead to the denial of many services, including telecommunication and banking services. Further, the health QR code is connected to the use of many essential services such as hospitals and travel. As a result, it is effectively compulsory for the great majority of residents.

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