Oh my gosh! If you can get through the first portion of this Face the Nation without laughing like crazy, you’re not getting it. These supposed journalists are so clueless about what real America thinks and what’s actually going on with Trump that it’s just hysterical. It’s not a debate but a monologue by lefty elitists who are STILL furious that Trump was elected. It’s classic!

The part of this that really goes off the rails is when Michele Norris states that the Trump slogan is racist…The tirade starts at the 8:30 part of the discussion. Oy vey!

The word “AGAIN” is bothersome to this woman…ridiculous! Notice how the group hits on all of the false topics you’re seeing in the main stream media. They’re pushing the Russia hacking theme and  the false notion that Trump is a racist. The funniest part of this entire video is when these so-called journalists make claims that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing and that his cabinet is clueless because they’re not bureaucrats. LOL! 

This could be a Saturday Night Live skit!

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