In 2017, our conservative 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page had almost 2 million followers and up to 38 million engagements in a one-week period. Through hard work and a commitment to the truth, we were able to identify stories presented by the mainstream media that were skewed to harm or destroy President Trump’s reputation with Americans, and to set the record straight. We were also able to keep the stories about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal alive, as the mainstream media kept the truth about her dirty dealings hidden.

One month after President Trump’s inauguration, we lost over 93% of our Facebook traffic and 200K followers.

Without fail, every two weeks, we are accused by Facebook of posting two articles with “clickbait” titles. With every clickbait violation, Facebook warns that they will reduce the distribution of our content to our over 1.6 million followers. It’s a great way for Facebook to legitimize the loss in traffic to our page leading up the 2020 election. Here’s an example of a Facebook “clickbait” violation we received. Nothing about this title is misleading or forces the reader to click on the link to get the rest of the story.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was accused of going over to the dark side, when it was discovered he met privately with conservatives who use Facebook to share their message.

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The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Zuckerberg is rumored to have met with a number of “conservatives” to discuss social media bias.

One of the conservatives Zuckerberg met with is Mary Katharine Ham.

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In August 2016, Trump was asked by conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt about Mary Katherine Ham, who was chosen to be a moderator in the presidential debates. Trump told Hewitt “I’ve never gotten along with her, no.” Trump said. “No, she is not a fan of mine and I’ve never gotten along with her.”

“I don’t know her but she says only bad things, so let’s cross her name off,” Trump said.

Zuckerberg also reportedly met with “Never Trump” Ben Shapiro.

Only 9 months before the 2016 presidential election Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire, explained why he “Will Never Vote For Donald Trump”

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Facebook page has only 200k more followers than ours, yet their engagement numbers on Facebook are 13.5 x’s higher than our pro-Trump Facebook page that used to have engagement numbers in the 20-30 million range.

Never-Trump Brent Bozell, who is now a supporter of Trump, actively campaigned against him in 2016.

Watch Bozell’s interview on Fox News who calls Trump a “menace to American conservatism,” and a “shameless self-promoter.”

Townhall Editor Guy Benson, another so-called “conservative” Mark Zuckerberg met with, recently retweeted a tweet by Never-Trump Johah Goldberg, a writer for the Weekly Standard. In his tweet, Goldberg sides with Democrat lawmakers, accusing Trump of being guilty of threatening to pull military aid from Ukraine unless President Zelensky agreed to investigate Biden’s son Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine energy company, Bursima Holdings.

Matt Continetti, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, is another person Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with. In 2016, Continetti’s publication worked with Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on candidate Trump. Continetti denied working with Christopher Steele of having any knowledge that the DNC and the Clinton campaign was also working with Fusion GPS to collect opposition research.

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner confirmed he attended one of the dinners with Zuckerberg but refused to discuss what was talked about.

In December 2017 Bernard Goldberg called out Byron York for his obsession with keeping the Never-Trumper movement (Republican or former personalities, politicians or writers who publicly attack President Trump) in the news, keeping a movement that barely exists any more at the forefront of the news.

Goldberg wrote, his obsession, “is particularly strange because York’s not one of those slobbering Trump sycophants from talk radio or the hosting chair of a Fox News prime-time show. He’s a respected journalist. In fact, when he’s not fixated on torching NeverTrump straw-men, he produces some good work. He’s smarter than this, and should definitely know better, but he continues to push the false narrative anyway, while his peers do their best to correct him.” Goldberg added, “It’s over, Byron. It’s over. But the solider can’t turn it off.”

On Thursday, The Gateway Pundit revealed that conservatives were receiving messages from Facebook, threatening to unpublish pages with large followings for posting the name or image of the anti-Trump whistleblower.

Although it’s been widely been reported in the past week that Eric Ciaramella is the name of the anti-Trump CIA whistleblower, Facebook decided to take action to protect the identity of the anti-Trump whistleblower.

Black conservative Trump supporter David J. Harris Jr., tweeted about his Facebook page being unpublished by Facebook for naming Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower.

According to CNBC -Facebook announced Friday it will remove from its platform any content that purports to name the U.S. official whose whistleblower complaint led to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

We received these screenshots from one of the administrators of Grassroots Michigan, and RVers for Trump showing the notifications she received from Facebook.

Michigan Trump Republicans were also warned, and every person who mentioned the name of the Democrat Party’s whistleblower was given a violation by Facebook.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said attempts to unmask the whistleblower violate its policies around coordinating harm, which prohibits content “outing of witness, informant or activist.”

“We are removing any and all mentions of the potential whistleblower’s name and will revisit this decision should their name be widely published in the media or used by public figures in the debate,” the spokesperson said.

Facebook on Wednesday took down ads purporting to name the whistleblower after critics questioned the company’s ability to enforce its policies. The ads were viewed several hundred thousand times, according to The Washington Post. Facebook’s decision affects all posts on the site, not just ads.

We’ve been accused of being “conspiracy theorists” when we suggest Facebook is actively monitoring conservative pages that support Trump, and working to keep their followers from seeing their content. Now that everyone can see how easily Facebook can coordinate the takedown of a single name or image, as in the case of the anti-Trump whistleblower, how safe should we feel about tweeting pro-Trump messages on Facebook, as we get closer to the 2020  presidential election?


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