Big Tech has been slowly moving toward complete totalitarian control and surveillance of the internet for several years now.  Emboldened after de-platforming, de-monitizing, and censoring millions and manipulating search results and news feeds during the last election without any consequence, they are now simplifying and broadening their approach.  This week, Facebook banned news sharing in Australia in a show of complete technological dominance over its government and people.

Gone are the days when Big Tech had to strategically and surgically nudge people and de-platform them in small numbers, citing vague or non-existent guidelines.  Now they simply ban the news (and state health departments) from sharing their content when governments dare to create laws they do not like.

The Gateway Pundit Reports:

“Google threatened to shut down operations in Australia in January after a bill moved forward that forces the internet giant to pay news publishers.

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Google and Facebook believed this was unfair.
So they announced they may close down their operations Down Under.

On Thursday Facebook followed up on their threats and blocked Australians from viewing and sharing news on the platform because of proposed laws in the country to make digital giants pay for journalism.

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According to CBS News Australian publishers can continue to publish news content on Facebook, but links and posts can’t be viewed or shared by Australian audiences, the U.S.-based company said in a statement.”

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