Social Media Giants Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok livestreamed the murder of a 15-year-old girl by four extremely violent teens.  Afterward, the four black teens can be seen on the footage gloating, defiant, eating popsicles and smiling.

As Big Tech purges social media of independent and conservative voices for inciting violence, it seems to accept no responsibility for pedophilia or many other crimes on its curated platforms.  In a shocking display of the state of social media and its effects on society, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok all carried the livestream of four incredibly violent teenagers, aged 12-14, murdering another 15-year-old teen at a Walmart.


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“Oh Lord, Jesus Christ!” shouts one of the girls near the beginning of the video, who appears to be filming the event as a fight ensues at a Walmart.

According to the local reports from KIRO7 news, knives were stolen and used in the attack.

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At least one set of videos from the incident can still be on Facebook found, here.

Shrieking and running ensues in the video, at which point one or more of the teens shout “I don’t give a f*ck!…Just stabbed that b*tch in the heart”

The teens continue:

“I don’t give a f*ck…if she killed her she killed her–oh f*cking well…If she killed her she killed her…nobody give a f*ck.  If she killed her, she killed that b*tch.  Oh well.  F*ck dat ho’.  She dead now.”

They then begin filming again after getting into a vehicle.  While in the vehicle, they calmly smile and eat popsicles

However, while smiling and defiant, one of the violent teens looks directly into the camera and goes on:

“We din’t mean to sayin’ that we said…but, but, yeah, we sorry for sayin’ F dat girl. Ya’ll know I din’t meantuh say dat.  When–when i get in my heart, I just start goin’ off!” She then gesticulates wildly for the camera, seeming to have no care whatsoever about what she has done, only caring about her own emotions.

Another girl in the background tells the speaker “You doin’ too much.  You wudn’t even s’posed to do it like that,’ suggesting that she delivered the apology in an ineffective way and that they are very concerned with appearances for the camera rather than the fact that they just stabbed someone to death and don’t seem too broken up about it.

They then begin the vacant apology again, while still eating popsicles

“I din’t mean to say ‘F’ dat girl…and we apologize to ya’ll.”  As she says it, you can hear them sucking loudly on popsicles, as though everything is fine and a quick perfunctory social media apology will exonerate them for their heinous crime.

They then go on to clarify that ‘ya’ll’ means the family members of the dead girl, whose name they seem to barely recall.

“What was her name?  Melanie?”

Apparently responding to people who are texting them in their livestream, they become indignant because people in their chat are apparently chastising them for murdering another human being.  But, the speaker in the video clearly thinks her Facebook ‘apology’ more than enough of a punishment for her:

“At leas’ we tryna’ ‘pologize!” she shouts, as though a mere apology is more of an imposition on them than is warranted for the situation.

The left frequently talks about ’emotional truth.’  Critical Race theory texts and university classes center themselves around deconstructing and dismantling paramount foundational Western paradigms, such as logic, reason, critical thinking, and Constitutional rule of law.  They seek to replace those truths with a perpetually shifting seascape of  choppy emotions and experience. Well, when the world is run on emotional truth rather than Western logic, critical thinking, and constitutional law, this is precisely the emotional ‘truth’ that will befall The West–and the rest of the world–as it is murdered by psychopaths who are no better or more intelligent than the girls in these videos raised by public schools and the government, rather than well-adjusted successful parents.

Supporters of the UK branch of “Black Lives Matter” take part in a demonstration in London, Britain August 5, 2016. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

This is the goal and result of people with the ideology of Black Lives Matter, who seek to dismantle the Western nuclear family, replace it with a government one, and hide their true intentions once reasonable people find out.

Archived image of the now-removed “What We Believe” manifesto that stood on the Black Lives Matter website for years until some time in 2020 when people started becoming wise to the terrible things they actually believe and do.





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