There’s been a lot of talk about the ads Russians paid for on Facebook that affected the outcome of our 2016 presidential election. Here are the majority of the ads Facebook released to Congress, that were promoted on their social media site by Russians. We’ve left out a few of the anti-Muslim ads and a few of the anti-gun ads, but the political ads are included below.

From organizing hate rallies against President Trump to supporting Black Lives Matter… no one expected the Facebook ads paid for by Russians  to look like these:

Here’s a fake Facebook page called “Black Matters” that was being advertised by Russian operatives:

And another ad on Facebook from the Black Panthers, that was paid for by Russians:

This ad for a fake organization called “Don’t shoot” utilized a common protest call and hashtag in the Black Lives Matter movement. Having a variety of popular pages like this makes for a guaranteed audience.

This ad paid for by the Russians was clearly an attempt to stir division between Americans on the topic of Black Lives Matter versus our law enforcement officers:

Over 130,000 people liked this ad highlighting the divisive issue of immigration in America:

The Russians tried to stir up hate for Muslims with ads promoting the unity of Muslims in America:

It’s not clear if this ad was supposed to cause Muslims to vote for Hillary or anti-Muslim Americans to vote against her:

Here’s one more anti-Muslim posts like the one below where 14K people agreed that the Muslim veil should be banned in America.

Last, but not least, here’s the only blatantly pro-Trump ad we could find. This ad is promoting a few of his rallies:

Here’s the only blatantly anti-Hillary ad we could find:

It appears that the Russians also had a soft spot for the communist clown Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders:

Images via: Tech Crunch



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