Yesterday, it was announced that Facebook would begin secretly ranking the personal pages of Facebook users. The rankings would be based on how “untrustworthy” the users are. Doesn’t this sound a bit like something you’d expect to hear about in communist China?

According to The Independent, Facebook is using an array of information to decide whether its users should be believed when they say something wrong is happening on the site.

Users will not know that their behavior is being ranked, the company appeared to suggest. But the ranking themselves are important: they decide whether an account is reliable enough to be believed when it reports a page or a story, helping decide whether it should be taken down straight away.

The censorship of conservative voices by one of the world’s largest disseminators of news is becoming downright frightening.

During the election, we were huge supporters of Donald Trump. Our Facebook traffic has dropped by almost 90%, starting with President Trump’s inauguration.

Every day, we get messages from Facebook users who have “liked” our page, and have even marked the box that says “See First” that indicates they want to see our posts “first” in their newsfeed. The problem is, Facebook has decided for our followers that in despite the fact that they have asked to see our content first, they don’t really want to see posts from our conservative news page first. In fact, Facebook has decided that they’d rather see recipes from their great-aunt or photos taken at a family reunion by someone their 3rd cousin lives next door to.

Here are just a few examples of messages we received from frustrated Facebook users who just want to see our content appear in their newsfeed again.

People want to know why they can no longer see our news stories in their Facebook newsfeed.

They’ve tried everything, yet Facebook will not show up in their newsfeed.

Today, we received messages from Facebook users who follow our page showing a message they received from Facebook after sharing posts on our page about Defiant Americans who stood up and sang the National Anthem during a high school softball championship game in California, after the announcer told the crowd there would be no National Anthem before the game.

You can read the story HERE.

Here is the message that our followers were getting from Facebook today when they tried to share our stories on their personal pages:

“We removed this post because it looks like spam to us. If you did post this and don’t believe it’s spam, you can let us know.”

Remember, these are posts that Facebook users shared from our 100 Percent FED UP Facebook page to their personal pages.

This type of censorship needs to stop. People need to start demanding that Facebook put alternative sources of news back in the Facebook newsfeed.

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