Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe interviewed Facebook data center technician Morgan Kahmann, the whistleblower who came forward with explosive internal documents that allegedly reveal an “experiment” or algorithm test, that Facebook performed on their social media platform that demoted (or hid) comments by users based on their “Vaccination Hesitancy score.”

The way it works, according to a memo from Facebook employee Hendrick Townley, comments that disparage or criticize COVID shots (also referred to as vaccinations) would be hidden from the newsfeed. “Reducing the visibility of these (vaccination hesitant) comments represents another significant opportunity for us to remove barriers from vaccination that users on the platform may potentially encounter,” Townley wrote.

The Facebook whistleblower explained the risks he took by coming forward with this information, telling O’Keefe, “I have two kids, I have a wife—and it’s like if I lose my job, what do I do?” he said, adding, “but that less of a concern to me,” he said,  as he agreed with O’Keefe that his conscience would not allow him to remain silent about the censorship on Facebook.

Kahmann explained the events that took place before he was notified by Facebook that his job would be suspended: “I was at work and I got a message from my supervisor—out of the blue actually— who told me, ‘Go ahead and clean up your stuff, gather your personal belonging and meet me in the lobby of the building.'” He explained,  “They’re basically going to have me meet with the investigative and grill me on this whole situation.”

Watch the incredible interview here:

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If you’d like to help Morgan Kahmann, who’s been suspended from his job at Facebook, where he worked as a data center technician, please go to his GiveSendGo fundraising account:

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