Ok buckle up because this one is pretty wild!

It all comes from this short 2 minute video I was watching which I’ll show you in just a minute.

But whenever I learn something new and something absolutely outlandish that forces me to go Fact-Check it to see if it’s real, I figure it’s best to share with all of you.

So this is about an indigenous group called the Panare Indians.

As you’ll see in the video below, this lady says Christian Missionaries were sent to the Panare Indians and after they failed to convert them to Christianity despite multiple attempts, they then resorted to rewriting the Bible to remove all references to the Jews and to say that the Panare Indians killed Jesus!  And the Pope approved it!


Yeah, that’s the part where I said we have to Fact-Check this.

And before I tell you the results of the Fact-Check, I want to tell you a couple things…

First of all, I do not agree with the conclusion this lady states at the end of her video.  I think it’s very off-base and hateful.

I also note that her TikTok handle appears to be “TheDevilsDaughter” so consider that for what it’s worth.


Now watch this short clip:

Ok, now the big question: is this true?


Yes, it is.

Take a look:

And specifically, is the part about modifying the actual content of the Bible true?

Yes, also true:

Lastly, did the Pope approve it?

That question is of little importance to me, but I wanted to Fact-Check it anyway.

It appears that is either “No” or “Unconfirmed”:

So….what do you think?

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