In February, news broke that the Biden administration was distributing free crack pipes as part of a program to distribute ‘safe smoking kits’ to cities across the country.  Hilariously, the grant used to fund the kits were part of a program aimed at advancing ‘racial equity’.

Fact-checkers pounced on the story immediately, labeling it false.  100PercentFedUp was fact-checked on Facebook for writing about the story.  Fact checks on major social media websites such as Facebook can lead to ‘shadow bans’, where a page’s reach is significantly reduced.

The fact-checkers claimed that the story, which originated from the Free Beacon, was inaccurate because the White House released a statement saying that the safe smoking kits they were funding would not contain crack pipes.  Despite the White House’s denials, they refused to discuss who applied for the grants or who would be receiving them, citing confidentiality.

Prominent Conservative activist Greg Price was kind enough to provide a compilation of these ‘fact checks’ on Twitter.

The Free Beacon investigated the White House’s claims and found that not only was the Biden regime lying to the American people about where their tax dollars are going, but so were the fact-checkers who came after conservative news outlets for reporting on it.

They found that multiple major cities, including cities that were recipients of the White House grant, included crack pipes in their safe smoking kits.  The cities included New York City, Boston, Washington D.C, Baltimore, and more.


The Free Beacon visited over two dozen harm-reduction non-profits, which are organizations that focus on reducing harm from the use of hard drugs.  Of those that provided safe smoking kits, every kit included a crack pipe.

While parents across the country are struggling to get baby formula for their infant children, the Biden White House is distributing crack pipes to drug addicts and lying to the American people about it.



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