This afternoon during a televised town hall speech in Kenosha, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden sympathizes with Jacob Blake, his family, and the community as a whole. During his speech, Biden preaches to the crowd that the people of our nation need to be more informed about our history and the necessity of teaching it in schools. To which he says:

In addition to making a fool of himself once again, Biden’s plans unexpectedly backfire on him during the conversation segment of the town hall, in which he beckons a black woman, by the name of Portia Bennett, up to the microphone to ask her question. Instead of posing her question, Bennett exposes the former Vice President in front of the people in attendance and those watching it live from their homes:

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Bennett says she was giving Biden ‘the truth of the people’ and that there is ‘a very big difference’ between those peacefully protesting and those who are rioting and the residents of Kenosha are ‘heavily angry’ about the rioting taking place in their city streets.

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As reported by Daily Wire News, Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer retweeted a similar video posted by Benny Johnson to which he replied:

The press would be in a feeding frenzy if the Bush staff handed “real” people the questions to ask Bush at townhall style event. Let’s see how acquiescent the Biden press corps is – or can they still be tough on the person they cover?

Biden also spent time with Jacob Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr., and offered his condolences to his family. Jacob Blake Sr. was discovered to have a track record of awful posts on social media according to 100%FedUP. There was a long list of posts and comments by Jacob Blake Sr. on Facebook that were racist as well as anti-Christian and anti-semitic.

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