The latest Biden campaign fail…an attempt to hide their most recent livestream with only 19 viewers. News of Biden’s stunning virtual call attendance broke via Donald Trump Jr.’s twitter. Sleepy Joe’s list of fails grows longer and longer every day. 26 minutes into the virtual event, a screenshot of Abigail Marone’s screen shows the Biden campaign having only 19 viewers.

Donald Trump Jr. was quick to call out the presumptive Democratic nominee’s pitiful event attendance. He also taunted his ability to pull thousands of viewers via impromptu Instagram live videos. Trump Jr. added, “No enthusiasm for sleepy Joe.”

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If only this event couldn’t get any worse… Video footage shows Biden rambling nearly incoherently as his staffers attempt to cut him off during the livestream video. While speaking to a small handful of what appears to be supporters, Biden began to ramble. Staffers were quick to signal Joe from behind the camera to wrap it up, but Biden had other plans. Joe made viewers aware that staffers attempted to cut him off and tried to cover with a cover statement.

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This fail comes just hours after video footage of Biden mistakenly calling the Wuhan virus ‘Covid 9.’ Even though Joe Biden was speaking from the comfort of his basement, the mentally frail Democratic presidential candidate struggled to complete a coherent sentence on the topic of COVID-19. “We’re continuing tragically uh, to find ourselves in this COVID 9…” Biden said with a straight face into the camera.

It’s not the first time Joe Biden identified the Wuhan coronavirus “COVID-9.” On April 15, during an interview with Florida State House Representative Shevrin Jones (D), Biden also incorrectly identified the virus, calling it COVID-9.

In March, one month before Biden referred to the Wuhan virus, as “COVID-9,” the Democrat presidential candidate told “The View” host Sara Haines, “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what — no matter what.”

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