As the Democrats plan to hold an almost entirely virtual presidential nominating convention in Milwaukee, the latest surprise-all of their digital pow-wow…an endorsement from failed GOP Presidential Candidate and ‘Never-Trump’ Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The sanctimonious failed presidential candidate who came in fourth place in a 3-person-race is expected to speak at the Democrat National Convention next month, where he will give nominee Joe Biden his endorsement.

In planning an anti-Donald Trump, public-health-centric convention in Milwaukee, the Democratic National Party’s plans for the city continue to sink a bit more every day. According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, a Wisconsin Democratic Party insider familiar with convention planning told the Milwaukee Business Journal he estimates only 350 official attendees will be in town while the remainder of attendees will be virtual.

Biden plans to accept the presidential nomination in person, but it remains to be seen whether there will be a significant in-person audience there to see it, according to AP News. The Democratic National Committee said in a statement that official business, including the votes to nominate Biden and his yet-to-be-named running mate, will take place virtually, with delegates being asked not to travel to Milwaukee. Sounds like a great opportunity for some much-needed backroom mischief…

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Kasich is a prime example of a “Republican in name only” (RINO). As governor of Ohio, he happily implemented Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in his state. He was strongly criticized by conservatives in Ohio for supporting Obamacare, which was opposed by every Senate Republican when it originally passed in 2009. He then ran for president in 2016, and stayed in until he was the second-to-last candidate standing having won only his home state, as reported by The Dan Bongino Show.

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It’s no secret that Kasich is a self-serving hypocrite who only cares about himself. But Biden’s campaign reaching out to disgruntled never-Trumpers (a tiny constituency at best) shows MASSIVE desperation. Maybe there’s something more to the story than public polls.

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