After it appeared that no one was expected to attend the funeral of U. S. Air Force veteran Joseph Walker, the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetary, in Killeen, TX, put out a call on their Facebook page, letting everyone know they would be there for the veteran. They also asked others to join them to celebrate his life.

After the local tv news station, KVUE reported about the Texas cemetery’s call for members of the public to attend the funeral of U.S. Air Force veteran Joseph Walker, the WTFrs-Wind Therapy Freedom Rider responded to their call, by reposting the article on their page with their response, “Not on our watch! We will be there!” at the top.

They followed up with a post to explain how they discovered that veteran, Joseph Walker was about to buried with no one in attendance.

Last night around midnight, we were notified by a good American, Robert Watson, out of Houston who had read a somewhat obscure article about a veteran, Joseph Walker, who was about to be buried Monday at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery without friends or family scheduled to attend. Robert knew this was not right and wanted to do something about it. He reached out via FB and said, “this looks like something the WTFrs would get behind. Can you help?”

We, of course, said yes. It is in line with our core values and beliefs as a Social Riding Club of supporting Law Enforcement, Veterans, First Responders and those who are less fortunate in our community, no matter whether they ride or not.
We reached out to KVUE reporter, Juan Luis, who we have a great deal of respect for, given his incredible heart in helping the community he and they (KVUE) serve. They immediately wrote a story and started spreading the word. Less than an hour ago, a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News called for an interview and is also picking up the story to help raise awareness and tell people about our event to go show our respects to Mr. Walker.

We are honored and humbled by everyone’s actions. Most people want to be part of a cause, everyone involved mentioned and our WTFrs team are being part of a solution. This man will not go alone.

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Please help us share the event listed here and join us if you can.

In their post, they include a link to their Facebook page for anyone who’s interestd in joining them.
#wtfrs #windtherapyfreedomriders #kvue #josephwalker

Here is the touching video that the WTF’rs biker group created to draw attention to the U.S. Air Force veteran, letting people know they would be there to honor his life.

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Last week, the WTFrs group attended the funeral of another veteran, Richard Overton who was expected to be buried alone.

This isn’t the first time this amazing group of bikers has come to the rescue of someone they believe is in need of their attention. Only five days ago, the group posted about a young boy who is suffering from a “terrible disease.” The group has generously arranged to help the boy check off some of the items on his “bucket list.”

Here is their post:

We are saving the weekend dates to help a young man, Aniah, going through a terrible disease.
Lead by our own WTFrs OG, Jared Dishman, we will be supporting all his efforts the weekend of March 15-17 as will “fill Aniah’s bucket list” and become part of this young man’s life.

There are several bucket list items such as a ride to Llano to Cooper’s BBQ and taking Aniah to COTA to ride in a race car that are already planned. We will get more details for everyone as this event comes together and post them here.
We hope you can join us in doing a small part of filling his life with love while he is still with us before he gets called home.
If you would like to help and/or have ideas and connections to help, please message us. Jared will reply through our page.
Thank you all!

This amazing group accepts donations to help with the expenses they incur.

PayPal Donations at:
[email protected]

Here’s how the WTFrs describe their group:

WTFrs is a group of individuals from all backgrounds, brought together by passion, purpose and spirituality. No matter the ride, be it two wheels or three, it’s a ride just the same. Beyond any brand, it’s Brother and Sisterhood, it’s a gathering of souls with the passion to ride the wind, share the miles, the laughter, the joy, the freedom. It’s a gathering of good people with purpose and a love of life. We spend time teaching and learning, sharing tips and techniques with young and old, new and experienced. We support each other and often give to the less fortunate. We support those first responders and military professionals, past & present, who dedicate their lives to protecting, defending, saving and serving this great nation!


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