Daily Mail – Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Timothy Loehmann, a 26-year-old white police officer, in Cleveland on November 22, 2014, when he was carrying a toy gun.

His death quickly made national and international news and sparked outrage across the country.

Shortly after his death, King held an online fundraiser for the Rice family, but attorneys for the family said at the time they had not spoken to King and did not know who he was.

A court then seized the money on behalf of the family, the Washington Post reported in 2015 and set up a trustee to manage the funds, placing all the money into Tamir Rice’s estate, meaning that any withdrawal would require a judge’s ruling.

So, rather than being gifted the money directly, the Rice family would have to apply for each disbursement.

Samaria Rice, 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s mom is calling out the fake black BLM activist and fundraiser Shaun King.

In an Instagram post, Samaria Rice blasted King, saying he was telling “All lies.” She told King, “please stop thinking we on the same page. As a white man acting black, you are an imposter that cannot be trusted.”

“Tamir’s Human rights was violated, who would you so ever make it about you? You are a selfish self-centered person and God will deal with you, white man,” Rice wrote to the fake black activist.

A friend of Samaria’s responded to her allegation against King: “So many people made a good living off of Tamir’s death and those people owe you more than they can pay. I’m sorry this man won’t stop harassing you. The check will come due eventually.”

King has previously said he has been told by his mother that ‘the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father, and that my actual biological father is a light-skinned black man.’

Back in 2015, a family member confirmed in an interview that both of King’s parents are white. CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with an unidentified member of Shaun King’s family who said that King was born to white parents.  

Lemon also spoke to King himself over text message and asked him directly about his race.

‘Initially, he did not answer but later referred to himself as biracial,’ said Lemon. 

‘But then when I asked him if that’s what it shows on his birth certificate I did not hear back from him. No answer on that.’ 

Fake black, BLM activist and fundraiser, Shaun with his wife Rai-Tonicia.

Now, King, a BLM activist and fundraiser, like BLM founder Patrice Cullins, who was caught erecting a fence around her $1.4 million dollar home has busted living large in New Jersey.

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King’s spacious home in a predominantly white NJ neighborhood is only moments away from the prestigious Princeton University.

According to the Daily Mail – The new property, purchased by King’s wife, Rai-Tonicia King, 41, in November 2020 for $842,000, is surrounded by lush, tall trees sitting on Farrington Lake. It has ‘a lakefront backyard’ and a gourmet kitchen, according to public records.

Rai-Tonicia is a Ph.D. candidate and educator. Last year she founded Hands In Learning, an ‘education nonprofit providing high quality, virtual academic, and enrichment classes for students all across the world regardless of their ability to pay.’

The $842,000 house is above the average $217,500 home value in New Brunswick. The town of 41,431 is 45% White, 24% Asian, 20% Black, and 19% Hispanic with much smaller percentages of other races, according to Census data.

King’s spacious 5-bedroom home is located in an upscale wooded neighborhood.
Not too shabby for a BLM activist and fundraiser…
The centerpiece of the home is the gourmet kitchen featuring quartz counters, a center island, and a breakfast area
Apparently faking the color of your skin and duping people into thinking you’re on their team is a profitable business. If you don’t believe us, ask Tamir Rice’s mom.

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