Even though the Muslim Clock Boy’s attention seeking radical father won’t allow the school to tell their side of the story, sooner or later the real truth eventually leaks out…

Before he was put in handcuffs for bringing a “homemade” clock to school and became an overnight celebrity, Ahmed Mohamed “racked up weeks of suspensions” and clashed with authority while in middle school, the Dallas Morning News reported.

While attending Sam Houston Middle School in Irving, Texas, Mohamed “mastered electronics and English, once built a remote control to prank the classroom projector and bragged of reciting his First Amendment rights in the principal’s office,” according to the report.

Despite rumors about the 14-year-old’s past disciplinary problems, Mohamed’s status as a minor has prevented the Irving Independent School District from speaking out on the matter.

Critics have argued that his past behavior may have influenced how school officials responded to the clock that officials thought could have been a “hoax bomb.” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne recently told TheBlaze that the Mohamed family has ignored requests by the school district to allow officials to speak out about the case. The context, she said, would help explain why the situation progressed as it did.


However, his seventh-grade history teacher, Ralph Kubiak, has become the first person to open up about the “weird little kid” that sat in his classroom.

“I saw a lot of him in me. That thirst for knowledge … he’s one of those kids that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang,” he told the Dallas Morning News.

Kubiak also confirmed that Mohamed would regularly bring gadgets to school that were much more complicated than the clock assembled in a pencil box that recently got him into trouble.

Via: The Blaze

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