This morning, while celebrating the champion Golden State Warriors team by honoring them at the White House, the fake civil rights activist Joe Biden decided to take a knee in unity with not a single person in the room.

While speaking to the team at the White House, Joe reveals that after two years in the White House, he has no idea how to pronounce the name of his “VP,” calling her Kămala.


Even Kamala Harris, whose name he mispronounced, refused to participate in Joe’s pathetic attempt to show unity for the fake Black Lives Matter movement that netted the BLM founders like Patrice Cullors multi-million dollar lifestyles while doing absolutely nothing to improve the lives of black Americans.

One of the multi-million dollar homes owned by BLM Founder Patrice Cullors

Kamala Harris not only refused to take a knee with Joe, but she actually laughed at him while he kneeled alone for the cameras in front of a confused crowd of Golden State Warrior athletes dressed in suits behind him. “I’m not doing that,” Harris told the bumbling fool on his knees for the camera as she stepped down off the platform to stand with the rest of the team.

In what can only be described as another embarrassing moment for the classified records stasher, Joe Biden pretended to fall as he stood. Golden State Warrior players and staff reached out their arms to catch him, almost as though they expected the old dementia patient to fall.


I believe most Americans would agree that Joe was at his best when nurse Jill kept him locked away in their basement during the 2020 campaign.


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