British Vegan Sausage maker Heck-Yes has announced they will be discontinuing production on the majority of their plant-based sausages. Although the World Economic Forum and Claus Schwab would like people to quit eating meat, turning instead to plants and insects, the public is digging its heels in and rejecting the lab-made concoctions.

Heck-Yes co-founder Andrew Keebler weighed in on the failing product as the company decided to reduce its offering from 15 types of meat-free sausages to 2. According to the Western Journal, He said,

“We had a huge range of vegan products because, like everyone else, we believed what was being written in the press,” Keeble continued, “If you look at the massive sort of Silicon Valley valuations out there, people were investing in vegan brands, and they didn’t want to miss the next Google.”

Keeble noted that although their products do not sell well, they are good for gut health, “The vegan market is really funny. We actually had some amazing products out there that were very functional, very good for your gut — [such as] one with quinoa and beetroot in it.”

The co-founder has come to realize that vegans are comfortable eating other foods, and meat eaters want the real thing, “the public somehow wasn’t quite ready for it yet. They didn’t want all that veg in the sausage.”

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A tremendous drop in product sales accompanied by a lack of interest in fake meat products has discouraged food entrepreneurs from embracing the propaganda-laced green agenda. When it comes to enticing the public with lab-crafted food choices, companies are falling on their faces. Most people recognize the driving issue behind vegan-meat alternatives is not a concern for the environment but rather the desire for globalist groups to control the supply chain.

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Dr. Eli David revealed that manufactured fake-meat is actually quite harmful to the environment. He tweeted that new research is showing that lab-grown meat is actually much worse for the environment than naturally grown meat.

“Breaking: New research shows the production of lab-grown meat emits 4 to 25 times more carbon than natural meat.”


Keeble is still hopeful that the market will eventually grow and believes that people will opt for grains given enough time. He said,
“We’re still committed to vegan. I think in time, as the market settles down and develops, I think the lovely quinoa and beautiful sausages will come back. I think that’s what people really want. I don’t think they really want false meat. But the market is not that developed yet.”
Governments are trying to convince their citizens that the way to solve climate issues is by eating bugs. Never mind that scientific fact does not undergird the green agenda’s solutions. The ESG activists are not even trying to hide their agenda but are openly attempting to force people into looking at bugs and man-made meats as a better option for food than real beef.

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