Fox News even apologized for making the same fake claim as Hillary does in the video below. Doesn’t she owe President Trump a correction and apology? We’re waiting…

Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Harris County Democratic Party event where she ranted in a campaign-style speech. Should Joe be worried?

The big takeaway from the speech is that Hillary warned over and over that Democrats are working to turn Texas blue. It’s something Republicans should take very seriously.

She also ranted about women’s rights with plenty of fearmongering to go around.

At the 16:40 point when she got to the topic of President Trump, she made the fake claim that President Trump retweeted a video of Nancy Pelosi that was “doctored”. She called the video “sexist trash” which is exactly what the Pelosi rep called it. She made the laughable claim that this proves that Trump is “running scared”.

The video is a little shaky at the beginning.

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The fake news going around is that President Trump retweeted a video that was slowed down to make it seem as though Pelosi was slurring her words. Not true! He retweeted a video clip montage of the actual gaffes from Pelosi.

This video is obviously of Pelosi speaking – it is not doctored.

Fox News even had to apologize yesterday for making the same claim.




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