Just when you think CNN couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they find new ways to mislead the public and put their far left bias on display for everyone to see.

When 20 year-old James Fields ran through a crowd of counter protests at Charlottesville in 2017, killing one and injuring others, CNN was quick to name him and call him a “white nationalist”.

When far-left thug Darrell Brooks, aged 39, ran down innocent paradegoers in Waukesha, Wisconsin this month, CNN refused to name him or question his motives long after he was already named as a suspect.


When a tragedy happens that is politically inconvenient for CNN, a “car” was responsible.  Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks was named six days before the publication of CNN’s November 28th article.

CNN was reamed for their word choice in the article.  Seattle radio host Jason Rantz had some choice words for CNN regarding the mishap:

“Democrats like to focus on the weapon when they don’t want to make villains out of the criminals when that criminal kind of flies in the face of the narrative that they’re missing,” Rantz said.

He went on to compare coverage of Brooks to coverage of the Rittenhouse case, saying “Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist with the intent to kill. It wasn’t the weapon. Darrell Brooks, we ignore him, we ignore his views, we ignore his criminal history that has been enabled by left-wing light on crime policies and then we focus on the SUV, and then of course people wonder over at CNN ‘why don’t people trust us?’ Well, look at your tweets,” said Rantz.

The latest embarrassment by CNN comes on the heels of news that the Steele Dossier that CNN spent years hyping was filled with lies and Russian disinformation.



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