Yesterday, the New York Times published a hit piece on President Trump’s Social Media Summit at the White House. Smack dab in the middle of the article criticizing conservative media and President Trump is a completely inaccurate photo of a woman they identified as “right-wing activist Laura Loomer.”

Censorship of conservative news sources on social media is a very real thing. Since President Trump’s inauguration, we’ve lost over 93% of our traffic on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page. Twitter won’t allow many of our tweets to be seen and Google demotes articles from our website. Meanwhile, the traffic on far left, anti-Trump, pro-illegal alien Facebook pages like Occupy Democrats is exploding.

In the New York Time article, written by the anti-Trump Katie Rogers, she mocked the event and those who attended the Social Media Summit. In her propaganda piece, Rogers claims that Trump thanked his guests for helping to “shape the online narrative about his presidency and a re-election fight,” calling the publishers and conservative personalities, “firebrands.” Of course, Katie Rogers articles get top billing from Google, Facebook and Twitter, so it’s difficult for her to understand how censorship affects the distribution of news. But for those of us not working for left-wing publications, we know all too well how the suppression of news affects how many people are able to see the news we publish.

Here’s a portion of Rogers the New York Times article:

Rogers mocks the writers and publishers who attended the summit, saying like Trump, they are a group “that also has little use for playing by the rules.”

Mr. Trump was once an outsider political candidate who prided himself on bending rules and subverting norms, and he wants to keep that sensibility as a candidate in 2020. So on Thursday, the president went in search of outside-the-box campaign ideas from a group that also has little use for playing by the rules.

Rogers says that President Trump and his supporters claim news is not being covered “to their liking.”


The president and his supporters feel as though their voices have been silenced by platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google, while making the somewhat confounding argument that their efforts are indeed covered breathlessly in the news media, but just not to their liking.

In the next paragraph, Rogers mocks President Trump and then defends a Playboy writer who had a confrontation with Trump loyalist Sebastian Gorka. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe stepped in to calm everyone down during the verbal sparring match. Katie Rogers refers to O’Keefe as “an activist who likes to capture videos under false pretenses to embarrass liberals and journalists.”

Before all was said and done, the East Room event, which featured a rambling speech by Mr. Trump on everything from Federal Reserve policy to his hairstyle, devolved into a confrontation in the Rose Garden after the presidential news conference between Sebastian Gorka, the former White House official turned media personality, and a reporter. James O’Keefe, an activist who likes to capture videos under false pretenses to embarrass liberals and journalists, filmed the scene.

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In the middle of her article, is a photo of a woman who is not Laura Loomer, but the New York Times in keeping with their factual reporting, identifies the woman, who appears to be Hispanic as Jewish Independent journalist Laura Loomer. The caption under the AP photo reads: Right-wing activist Laura Loomer took a photo as President Donald Trump spoke during the “Presidential Social Media Summit” at the White House on Thursday.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft attended the White House Social Media Summit. We asked Jim if Laura Loomer was present at the summit, he confirmed to us that she was not in attendance at the meeting where Dan Scavino and President Trump talked to conservative voices in the media about censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Here’s an actual photo of independent journalist Laura Loomer next to the woman the New York Times falsely identified as Loomer.

The hit piece by Katie Rogers on the White House Social Media Summit, where conservatives brought legitimate concerns about the censorship issues we’re facing, is a perfect example of how arrogant liberals are trying to minimize the crisis our world is facing as more and more massive, far-left tech companies are taking over the dissemination of the news the world is reading.

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