Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald came under fire Thursday after sending a tweet that incorrectly reported that Iowa supporters of president-elect Donald Trump booed astronaut and former senator John Glenn when informed of his recent passing.

Eichenwald’s initial tweet (which has since been deleted) racked up thousands of retweets and likes in a short time. –Mediaite


When asked why they might have booed, he speculated that it was because Glenn was a Democrat.

But notice the interesting tidbit, that Trump said “maybe they’ll come around.” According to other reports on the ground, Trump said this while his supporters were booing protesters.

Eichenwald’s false tweet shouldn’t surprise anyone, given his obsession with pumping out FAKE news about Trump’s ties to Russia, and how they affected the outcome of our election. The mainstream media is panicking over the realization that they’ve lost their influence over Americans, and the market share with advertisers to alternative conservative alternative news sources. And now, it’s their obsession with convincing Americans that Trump worked with the Russians to influence the outcome of our election.


After Eichenwald was caught fabricating story about Trump supporters, he made an apology on Twitter:



Eichenwald’s apology doesn’t mean much to conservatives, as his Twitter feed is filled with attacks directed at Trump and his supporters.  His obvious bias against Trump doesn’t end with the Russian story, he also appears to be pretty obsessed with Trump’s decision to maintain his role as Executive Producer on the Celebrity Apprentice show:


The objectionable reporter took time out of his busy day to ridicule Trump supporters:


LOL! Only two days before Eichenwald called Trump supporters who support Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice decision, “fools” he tweeted about the need to stop attacking “those of the other party.”


Meanwhile, he’s still trying to excuse Hillary’s seizure in NYC at the 9-11 ceremony as “pneumonia” related:


It’s time to get over it Kurt…Hillary lost. America voted for a majority in the House and Senate, and for the next two years, there are no more chances at changing that simple fact.



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