A Twitter account with the name “Mona,” sent out a tweet today with an image of a black female Trump supporter. The message on the tweet read:

Hello, my name is Mona I’m 19 and today i was kicked out by my family for being a black trump supporter. I am now homeless and i need help. Donations will be kindly accepted to my cashapp $makeouthill30

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Charisse Lane, the person whose photo “Mona” was using, was notified by others of the account impersonating her. She quickly resp0nded:

This person is impersonating me and stole my pic and is using it to get money.

On October 25, 2018, Charrise Lane’s tweet went viral after she announced that she’s going to start wearing her Trump MAGA hat out in public and that she would no longer be afraid.

Since this viral post, Charrise has been a popular voice with conservatives who support Trump.

Many of her followers, including Trump supporter Dennis Williams, who retweeted the fake account called out the fake account. In his tweet, Williams informed Charrise that her image was being used to scam Trump supporters on Twitter:

“That isn’t you, that is you fraudulent moron. DO NOT DONATE. SCAM,” Williams tweeted.


We reported the fake account to Twitter, but it’s still up as of a few moments ago. It’s strange, how Twitter can find legitimate accounts whose political views they disagree with and swiftly remove them from their platform, but fake Trump supporters trying to scam other Trump supporters into sending them money—they’ll get around to it when they get around to it.

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