Beyond the pale…

ABC reporter Matthew Dowd compared President Donald Trump with N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un on Good Morning America Wednesday when having discussion with former Clinton White House communications director Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

As for the objectivity and credibility of Clinton Foundation mega-donor George Stephanopoulos, prior to the 2016 presidential election, his wife, Ali Wentworth, claimed the couple would leave the country should Donald Trump become president of the United States. Of course they didn’t leave the country. George Stephanopoulos chose instead, to remain in the US as a prominent voice on TV railing against our sitting President.

The comments came following a report about N. Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test and a discussion on the upcoming G20 summit where Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Well, George, I think there’s real tension,” Dowd replied. “You take Vladimir Putin on one, but there’s real tension with a lot of members of the G20. If you look at the recent polling in the international community, Donald Trump is not believed by most of the people in the European community to be trusted to do the right thing, and you take with that with Vladimir Putin, and now with what’s happened in North Korea. The European community is worried about unpredictable erratic leaders, not only one in North Korea but one in the United States of America.” –MRCTV

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George Stephanopoulos has been initiating attacks on Donald Trump since he became a serious contender in the presidential race. The video below shows a heated exchange between George Stephanopoulos and President Trump’s former Senior Campaign Advisor Kellyanne Conway only one month after Trump crushed Hillary in the election. (Notice how ABC starts out the interview between Stephanopoulos and Conway by flashing a screen shot of Hillary’s popular vote numbers compared to Trump’s when they have nothing to do with the context of the conversation. This is called subliminal messaging, proving the mainstream media has mastered the art of manipulation.) Watch the interview here:

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